Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dialoguing - Example

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September 7, 2011 - Luke 4:1-14

Lord, I praise You for doing what I cannot do in my own strength - withstanding the temptations of sin and the devil. There is so much from this passage that stands out to me. First, your 40 days in the desert both began and ended with the Holy Spirit (verses 1 & 14). What an awesome reminder to me that temptation is strong, but the power that comes from You is stronger! However, I need to be diligent in wearing my spiritual armor and walking in the Spirit so that I can overcome temptation.

The Holy Spirit is still somewhat mysterious to me. Lord, would You please teach me more about this part of who You are? Often I see myself falling for the lies of the devil. I buy into his temptation that You will not meet my basic needs (verse 3) or I struggle with worshiping the pleasures of this world, not believing that You alone are worthy of worship (verses 6-7). You give Your children the gift of the Holy Spirit. Would You fill me with His power today and enable me to withstand the lies and temptations of Satan, particularly on this day where I will be tired since I didn't sleep well last night? I believe that nothing is impossible for You (Luke 1:37) and that You can fill me with supernatural energy and patience to get me through this day. Thank You, Lord!

Also, Jesus, I see how You fought every temptation of Satan with Scripture. Man truly does not live on bread alone, but on EVERY word that comes from You! (Matthew 4:4). I pray, Jesus, that You would enable me to memorize more of Your Word and to help my boys memorize it, too. Help me to be diligent in feeding not only their physical bodies, but more importantly, their spiritual bodies. I know, Lord, that I cannot feed them with what I do not have. Thank You for opening my eyes to the blessing of being in Your Word each day. I pray You will give my boys that desire as well. I pray Scott and I would set forth an example that reading and memorizing Scripture is a delight, not a burden and that what the boys see in us would be Your tool for opening their hearts to Your love letter as well.

Lord, I want to end my time with you with praise. You, Jesus, truly are God. No human could withstand 40 days without food, but You did because You are 100% God and 100% man. Thank You for doing what only You could do - paying for all my sin and reuniting my soul with my Creator. Praise you, thank you; it is in YOUR precious and powerful name I pray - the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. Amen!

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